Cardinals players take time to spread cheer

My wife and I have two healthy sons, and we are thankful and blessed to have them.

After leaving Phoenix Children’s Hospital today, I realize how fortunate we are to have them in their healthy state.

I was there to cover the “Teddy Bear Express,” as several Cardinals players, Big Red, the Cardinals cheerleaders and various Cardinals personnel were there to visit with the families and children who are admitted there.

Wow, was it a humbling experience for me!

I initially followed linebacker Sam Acho and longsnapper Mike Leach from room to room, and to see the children in different states of health really knocked me back for a few.

Despite the children being in various stages of health, the families and staff there were just as welcoming and gracious toward us, and you could see them light up when Sam and Mike and Big Red walked into their rooms.

As we went from room to room, all that kept going through my mind was my sons, Cameron and Carter, and what it would be like if my wife Adrienne and I had either one of them admitted there for any period of time, and how we would deal with it.

You might think that families would be a little down or sad because they’re spending a good portion of their day there visiting their son, or daughter, or cousin, or brother or sister, but they all had a great demeanor and were happy to see some smiling faces bearing gifts.

The little red and white bears were an absolute hit!

It wasn’t about the size of the gift, but the act of deliverance, and just showing the families you care, and are praying for them and thinking positive thoughts for them all.

I left the hospital a changed man, with a new outlook toward the world and my family. It was a working visit that turned into much more than that.

I wouldn’t trade those few hours for anything in the world.

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