Verde Valley man embarking on unique journey

People in the Verde Valley won’t be seeing Romano Scaturro at his Cornville, Arizona restaurant later this month. He’ll be out is seeing the country.


Beginning April 18 Scaturro will leave Juneau, Alaska on a solo journey attempting to become the first person to travel to all 50 state capitals using only a kayak, bicycle or rowboat. He has coined his journey “50@50” as Scaturro will be celebrating his 50th birthday along the way.

The trek is in conjunction with “FRAANK” (Family Ride Across America to Nurture Kids) which Scaturro founded. He is hopeful to raise $1000 per capital visited for a total of $50,000 by the end of the trip.

He will take a six month break during the winter before embarking on the final leg which includes a 2,400 mile journey across the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu.

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