Bird Droppings: Volume IV

The script is getting old and if you don’t believe me, just ask Ken Whisenhunt.

Yes, I’m well aware “it’s only pre-season” but some of these trends are not positive and I’m not secluding the play of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. As a team there were some bright spots, but not the progress you hoped after another week of camp working out the kinks.

Here are some things I saw Friday night against the Chiefs.


*Rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley had another solid showing leading the offense to a field goal at the end of the first half. Let’s not get too excited and anoint this guy the second coming of Brett Favre, but he certainly looks the part for the future and the kid’s only going to get better.

*The Cardinals are home, even if home is Flagstaff. I’m sure the players prefer the cool pines to the muggy, hot days they got last week working out in Missouri. Look for a renewed spirit Friday at University of Phoenix Stadium in front of their own crowd.


*One of the more alarming trends which continued in the 27-17 loss was the Red Birds inability to tackle. We saw it a week earlier against the Saints and things didn’t improve much against Kansas City. Ray Horton’s first-team defense was pushed around by KC’s starters, allowing back-to-back touchdowns in the first quarter including an ugly blown coverage which allowed Peyton Hillis to job into the end zone untouched. They also failed to register a sack.

*Speaking of failing, the same can be said on other side of the ball where the offensive line was dominated by the Chiefs 3-4 defense. All four of the Cards quarterbacks found themselves running for their lives at times as Kansas City registered seven sacks. The o-line was also guilty of missed blocking assignments in the run game, although they did rush for 153 yards (6.4 per carry).


*Pinch yourself if you’ve heard this before: the play of Kevin Kolb and to a lesser extent, John Skelton. I understand Kolb hasn’t gotten a lot of help up front, but he’s also shown us nothing to believe he is ‘the guy’ here in Arizona through two games. Skelton looked comfortable for the most part, but didn’t do himself any favors with that one-footed fling against his body into double-coverage which was picked off Abram Elam and returned deep into Cards territory.

*Whisenhunt and his staff are hoping Sam Acho and O’Brien Schofield are ready to step into full-time starting roles. Well, Schofield hasn’t made a tackle in two games. Acho’s made one. I know ‘it’s only pre-season’ but still something to keep your eye on.


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