Bidwill says he won’t make any decisions “based on emotion”

Imagine you’re Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill, and you’re watching your team start off 4-0, and you’re one of the darlings of the NFL.

That’s all well and good, until you lose nine straight games, culminating with a 58-0 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.

With everything seemingly crashing around this team, you’d expect Bidwill to replace head coach Ken Whisenhunt before the season ends [which would delight a lot of Cardinals fans], but Bidwill has chosen a different path for his team as they head toward the end of a very bad season.

“I know there’s a lot of emotion around what happened yesterday,” Bidwill said. “I don’t intend to make any decisions based on emotion.”

Bidwill says he’s been evaluating the team and what’s been going on from Day One, and he says he’ll continue to stay in evaluation mode until he feels he’s ready to make the right moves which will benefit the organization.

“[I] wanna have the ability to look at a complete set of facts as I evaluate what went wrong and what went right,” Bidwill said.

In other words, Bidwill isn’t rushing to make a decision on Whisenhunt’s future, or anyone’s future for that matter.

Bidwill made this quite plain to myself and the other Cardinals reporters standing around him: his focus, and the focus of the entire organization should be on one thing and one thing only. That is to get ready for Sunday’s game against the Lions at University of Phoenix Stadium.

“That’s what I want everybody to stay focused on, top to bottom, getting ready for that game,” Bidwill said.

As far as Whisenhunt and his immediate future goes, Bidwill, in so many words, said he’ll finish out the season.

“I think not making a rush decision is the right way to go,” Bidwill said. “Having a chance to evaluate away from the week-in, week-out preparation.”

When you win, you win as a team. When you lose, you lose as a team.

Who or what is to blame for the situation that the team is in right now?

“I think when you’ve lost nine in a row, there’s plenty of responsibility to go around,” Bidwill said. “Injuries have been a factor, but I think even with that, [I] expected a much different season than what we’ve got going on right now.”

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