Cardinals fall to Seahawks in historic 58-0 loss

The Cardinals slide to obscurity continued in horrific fashion in Seattle, Wash., on Sunday, as the Seahawks beat them black and blue, 58-0.

It was the Cardinals ninth straight loss. It also qualifies as the worst loss in franchise history (you’d wonder if a team could get beat any worse than 58-0 in their history).

I know CenturyLink Field is a hard place to play and win at, but no one expected this kind of outcome between two division rivals, but it happened (boy did it happen!)

When the score is as lopsided as this, there are really no positives you can take from the game.

I’ll break the game down for you like this if you didn’t see it:

1. The Cardinals had just 10 first downs.
2. They had 154 total yards (43 rushing) to Seattle’s 493. They were 4-14 on third down.
3. John Skelton’s numbers were abysmal (11-of-22, 74 yards, four INTs).
4. They turned the ball over EIGHT times.
5. Seattle had two 100+ yard rushers (Marshawn Lynch, 11-128, three TD’s, Robert Turbin, 20-108).
6. Larry Fitzgerald was targeted eight times all game, and got his only catch of the game with seven minutes left in the game.
7. Patrick Peterson fumbled away two punt returns, both of whom the Seahawks scored touchdowns on.

That’s the game in a nutshell… Just a sickening performance by a team many believe has quit on head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Seattle is a good team with a very good rookie quarterback, a strong running back in Lynch and an even stronger defense.

Are they that much better than the Cardinals to lay 58 on them? I don’t think so.

Did CenturyLink Field give the Seahawks that much of an advantage over the Cardinals to run up nearly 60 on them? I don’t think so.

I know this team has had more than its fair share of injuries and internal issues (i.e. Dockett and Rhodes), but it’s unfathomable that a team, who started off like gangbusters at 4-0, the same team who beat the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in September, would crumble and be reduced to the team we see playing week in and week out.

They are just a shell of what they were in September.

I walk in the locker room after home games, and on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I see a bunch of talented athletes who seem together and unified on the outside, but maybe I’m not seeing things clearly.

I’m trying not to let the word “quitters” creep in my mental right now, because I see them at practice during the week, working very hard to get better, then all of a sudden this kind of game comes out of nowhere.

It’s for us to speculate whether or not this team has given up on Whisenhunt and this season (with three games remaining), and it’s on the players if they have. Only the men in that locker room know if they laid down in Seattle, and possibly sealed Coach Whisenhunt’s fate as a result of their actions.