Wilson says Cardinals aren’t competing at NFL level

Nine straight losses and getting 58 points hung on you by a division rival will have outsiders questioning whether or not you’re still together as a team and if you still believe in your head coach.

This is the situation the Cardinals are facing right now, as they head into their final three games of the season.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt addressed the question of whether or not his team laid down and gave up yesterday in Seattle, Wash., against the Seahawks.

“There are always going to be one or two guys, no matter what, where because of the way the play goes, it may look like they’re not, but it wasn’t effort yesterday,” Whisenhunt said. “In watching the tape, it wasn’t effort from our guys, it was mistakes and that’s not making plays.”

As far as mutiny in the locker room goes, defensive tackle Nick Eason says there is none. He says it’s all on the players to get it together right now.

“Coach [Whisenhunt] hasn’t lost the locker room, we just are not getting it done on Sundays,” Eason said. “In these circumstances, when things are going bad, don’t look around the locker room and see what else is going on, evaluate yourself.”

Quarterback John Skelton struggled mightily against the Seahawks defense on Sunday.

Skelton threw four interceptions and had a passer rating of 18.2.

Coming off a performance that bad personally and as a team makes the next day here at the facility excruciating for Skelton and his teammates.

“After a 58-0 loss like that, it’s hard to come into work,” Skelton said. “Whether we like it or not, we’re playing those next three games, and I think guys have enough pride to come out and still work and still try to get better for the rest of the year.”

Safety Adrian Wilson was at a loss for words nor a solution when asked how this team can pick themselves up and carry on after such a horrific loss.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” Wilson said.

Wilson says the team can’t get itself out of trouble, which is one of the main reasons why they’re in the state they’re in now.

“It’s like a snowball effect,” Wilson said. “One bad thing goes wrong, then ten other bad things go wrong.”

When asked if the team is still competing despite everything crashing around them, Wilson had this to say:

“Are we competing? Yeah we’re competing, but not at the level of the NFL.”