Former Hokie QB, Bruce Arians selects a Hokie QB in 4th round

On Friday night after the Arizona Cardinals wrapped up day two of the NFL Draft, Bruce Arians had this to say to telling fans why they haven’t drafted a quarterback.

“Why? We’ve got three pretty good ones, and you don’t take quarterbacks if they’re not going to beat out the guys you have. I know people rate quarterbacks; I’ve been doing this for a long time, rating quarterbacks. I like ours better.”

Well the exemption to that comment would have to be someone from Arians’ alma matter as the Cardinals use their fourth round selection to draft 6-6 quarterback out of Virginia Tech, Logan Thomas.

There are so many traits that Arians loves in this quarterback. He is regarded as one of the most gifted athletes in the 2014 draft with his great size, stature and strength as he towers over the offensive line from the pocket. He also has the athleticism to make plays outside of the pocket. He set Virginia Tech career-records with 694 completions for 9.003 yards and 53 touchdown passes. He totaled 10,352 total yards of offense over his career.

“I am extremely excited about it,” Thomas said after being drafted by the Cardinals. “I had a pretty good idea that I would have a chance to go to the Cardinals and in all honesty, this is what I was hoping. It just felt right from the first time meeting Coach Arians and Coach Kitchens.”

Thomas originally came to Virginia Tech with experience as a wide receiver/tight end out of high school. Thomas mentioned that some NFL Scouts regarded him more of a tight end prospect at the next level than as a quarterback with his skill set. Thomas believes he is a quarterback and that is something him and the Cardinals are on the same page about.

“I am 100% confident that it is solely at quarterback,” Thomas stated. “We team would ask me about it (being a tight end) I would tell them look, I am a quarterback. That’s what I want to be, that’s what I am going to be.”

Thomas will now have the opportunity to learn under veteran signal caller Carson Palmer off the bat. Something that he plans to take full advantage of.

“It’s just learning how to be a professional,” Thomas explained. “Some guys go in and get thrown into the fire right from the start and have to go in there and there is a demand for everything. I get to go in there and be able to sit back, watch and learn from a guy whose been in the league for a good amount of time. Whose had a lot of success in the league as well.”

The common theme with almost all of the Cardinals picks through four rounds, team captains. Bucannon, Martin, Brown and now Thomas were all team captains at their schools during the 2013 season.

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