Kings stun Blackhawks in Game 7, Spurs-Heat NBA Finals 2.0, Phil Mickelson in hot water

Believe it or not, the Los Angeles Kings did it again Sunday night winning their third-straight Game 7 on the road and will face the New Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals. Top golfer and former ASU star Phil Mickelson is under the microscope for his involvement in an insider trading probe involving Clorox and millions of dollars “Lefty” pulled in from stock purchases. Valley-based sports business attorney Dan Barr (14:05 on podcast) shared his legal analysis on the Mickelson situation and how it could be handled moving forward. Plus, free-agent-to-be Kevin Love toured Boston over the weekend, Boris Diaw will again be playing for an NBA championship and the Suns bring in some big names for Monday’s pre-draft workouts