SMH over Tucker, Abraham and the police blotter

The police blotter is active on the Arizona sports scene. On Twitter I wrote “SMH over Tucker and Abraham arrests” Within a few minuets the retweets and favorites started to roll in. I don’t literally shake my head anymore when a ball player is nailed for DUI as both P.J.Tucker and John Abraham have been in the last couple of months. I am beyond bothered by these types of stories, but the police blotter is part of the pro sports culture. Grown men get in legal trouble for doing things that could’ve been prevented by simply learning how to say “I don’t need another drink” or “I have a car waiting to take me home out front”. But then, I am not being fair right? Far be it from me to expect that pro athletes who have resources you and I don’t, should know better than to get a “super extreme DUI” as Tucker did.
I find it interesting that both Tucker and Abrahams arrests didn’t happen over the weekend. Nope. Both incidents took place earlier this summer. In fact, Tucker signed his big money contract($16.5 million, $12.7 million guaranteed) with the Suns just last week. Never mind that his little episode of being arrested for “super extreme DUI” happened all the way back on May 10th. .08 is considered legally drunk in Arizona. Tucker checked in with a blood alcohol content of .222.
Abraham, the Arizona Cardinal linebacker, was arrested on June 29th after being charged with multiple counts including DUI. This isn’t Abrahams first go-around with a DUI. In 2003 while with the Jets he also had an incident.
Of course, the Cardinals need Abraham on the field this season. Can’t lose another linebacker to legal trouble after what happened to Darryl Washington earlier this year.
According to the police report, P.J. Tucker had some troubles in the walk and turn test. He stumbled and caught himself on a construction fence. SMH on Twitter doesn’t even begin to describe my frustration over these two events. Shaking My Head is just par for the course.

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