One of Sports360AZs own marries WAYYYYY up!!

Back in the late 1990s I was sitting at a desk working the phones trying to line up guests for the days show. The producer that we hired hadn’t worked out and was let go. I was frustrated and frazzled trying to do put together a five-day-a-week four hour show without much help. Day after day the mail would be delivered from a young man who didn’t say very much more than “hello” and “have a nice day”. Now, almost twenty years later, he’s getting married.
Eric Sorenson has come a long ways from the mail room. I don’t remember the day or the reason, but one day he decided to ask me the simple question “do you need some help”?
I explained that I just needed someone to call and arrange for guests to come on the show and that we hadn’t been able to find anyone and thus started a pretty cool on-again/off again partnership.
We’ve seen each other at our highest of highs and lowest of lows. Together we’ve experienced the journey of life through tears and laughter.
His passion and pride in the content that you watch, listen, and read flows throw each one of those platforms.
Congrats to Mr and Mrs Eric Sorenson

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