Greer Ready To Take Over As Padres Leader

Marcos de Niza High School has had some incredible talent step onto their football field in the past decade.  From cornerback Priest Willis to quarterback Josh Eckley, the Padres have had plenty to brag about on the gridiron. 

Marcos de Niza’s next potential star made his debut Friday: Nazareth Greer.  Eckley’s replacement under center is just a sophomore, but he looked like a seasoned vet against Horizon.

Greer had two rushing touchdowns and a long passing touchdown to help the Padres beat Horizon 34-17.

“We had no doubts about his ability,” Marcos de Niza Head Football Coach Sean Morin said. “He’s way ahead of his years when it comes to playing quarterback.”

Greer is able to execute the spread offense Morin has set out for his team with ease because Greer has years of experience playing in a similar system.

“He’s been brought up through the spread system,” Morin said. “When I talk with him, he has pretty much already been through the routes and combinations that we’re doing.”

When asked about what he picked up from Marcos de Niza’s previous quarterback, Josh Eckley, Greer had a one word answer “leadership”.

“The guys look up to me to carry them and do what I’ve got to do,” Greer said.

With Greer at the helm, he led the thriving backfield in the read-option scheme Morin had set in place.   Multiple running backs had success in the season opener, including Avery Sanders, who had an electrifying 73-yard touchdown to open up the second half for the Padres. 

So while Greer may be a sophomore, his poise, athletic ability, and intelligence has caused people to already draw comparisons to his predecessor.

“Obviously Josh Eckley was a superstar here, and hopefully we have another one brewing,” Morin said.

Marcos de Niza continues their season with a Week 2 matchup at Chaparral.

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