Three Dots…Cardinals stomp Cowboys, now 7-1

So YOU were the one that had the Arizona Cardinals at 7-1 midway through the season. You had them with the best record in the NFC.
Watching the Cardinals through the first eight weeks, I am seeing shades of a team that I covered back in 2008 that ended up in Tampa in 2009 for the Super Bowl.
This is no joke. Head to head wins over the Chargers, 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys is as strong a resume as any team in the NFL.
DeMarco Murray didn’t clear 100 yards, Dez Bryant wasn’t a factor, and the Cardinals left backup quarterback Brandon Weeden dazed and confused.
Aiming for home field advantage throughout the postseason right up to the Super Bowl is now the main goal. The rest of the schedule has several games against teams within the NFC West, teams that have issues.
What issues do the Cardinals have today? They have overcome injury, suspension, and free agent departure. They have improved their weaknesses from last season to now…

Arizona State overcame six penalties, two turnovers and sloppy play to keep their hopes for a magical season alive. They aren’t one of the top four teams in college football today, but they have the opportunity this coming Saturday to suddenly be part of the “Final Four” conversation. It was a heck of a coaching effort by Todd Graham and his staff to keep their young squad together Saturday night for the OT victory. In my mind, Utah is the most complete team that ASU has played up to this point of the season.
Graham and former A.D. Steve Patterson weren’t on speaking terms by the end of last season, but Graham owes a “thanks” to Patterson for holding Notre Dame to the contract to play this Saturdays game in Tempe…

UCLA put a whipping on Arizona Saturday night. The Bruins defense allowed just 255 yards of total offense to Rich Rods team on the night. In fact, the Wildcats only had the ball for just under 22-minuets. Not going to win many games with numbers like that…

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