From the Winter Baseball Meetings – Montero moving?

 SAN DIEGO-Dave Stewart sat on a barstool in a suite here at the Grand Hyatt in San Diego and answered question after question about potentially moving several parts off this current roster. The first year GM of the Diamondbacks has a BIG job in front of him, so there shouldn’t be much on the roster that is off limits. Late Monday night it appeared that Miguel Monteros run in Arizona was coming to an end. The Chicago Cubs were putting together a package of pitching prospects to land Miggy. Earlier Monday I asked Stewart about the catching situation moving forward, “Not much at the moment, on the Montero market”. The key phrase “at the moment”.
The Diamondbacks are on the hook for $12 million dollars to Montero next season. In all, Montero is due $40 million over the last three years of his contract.

Other quick Diamondback hits from Stewart at the Winter Meetings.
-He admitted that teams have called him about starting pitcher Wade Miley.
-“we’ve always had interest in James Shields”.
-“I swear on a stack of bibles that we haven’t discussed trading Trumbo”.

The beauty of the Winter Meetings, Everything above could be old news within a minute after I post it. Change is inevitable.

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