The Guest List is Set…

Tiger, Russell, Tom, Richard, Phil, “Beastmode” and Gronk are all coming to the party.  You know most of them on a first name basis, others are just part of the tidal wave about to crash onto the Valley over the next two weeks.

Seattle playing New England figures to be an epic Super Sunday. The WM Phoenix Open will give fans an awesome week of buildup to Sunday afternoon. Imagine if Mickelson and Woods are able to capture magic and play 16 together at some point during the week?

But wait there’s more!

The Suns worked their schedule out so that they could be home during the next two weeks. James Harden, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul. John Wall, and Derrick Rose all roll through the Valley leading up to the Open and Super Bowl finale.

The parties, entertainment, people watching and tee times will be hard to access for most fans, but the epicenter of sports is clearly right here in Arizona.