‘Tocking The ‘Tock, Walking The Walk: McClintock Backcourt Leading The Charge

The McClintock basketball team has not been short on talent in recent years.

Despite a roster which features many of this year’s stars, who sit at 12-6 on the year, the 2013-14 Chargers squad had the talent, but not the wins

“Last year, we were (focused) more on getting ours than getting the (win),” junior guard Amiri Chukwuemeka said. “Now we’re more focused as a team and as a family.”

If the McClintock Chargers are a family, Chukwuemeka and fellow junior guard Malique Washington are the two competitive brothers, pushing themselves to top the other in the epitome of “anything you can do, I can do better”.   The two have passionate exchanges between plays that at first glance may look like bickering, but at a closer look is motivation, admiration, and direction to the unit on the court.

“When you fight for each other the way that they do, you’re tough to beat. They’re getting older, they’re getting more mature, and they’re a tough guard every single night for anyone,” McClintock head basketball coach Sam Dentz said.

Coach Dentz might be a little modest.

McClintock features one of the best backcourts in the state…as juniors. Chukwuemeka averages 25.2 points a game, and Washington is tacking on 17.8 per game. Washington prides himself on his defense, and Chukwuemeka is deadly accurate from beyond the arc. According to Maxpreps, Amiri has hit 11 more 3-pointers in the state than the next best shooter.

Both players, however, can take the role of point guard at any time. The duo combines for eight assists per game.

“It’s been me and Malique worrying…for times like these when we need to be the bullies on the other end. We’ve been playing a lot of older guys, a lot of older classes that are now in college, so we are ready to get our shot,” Chukwuemeka said.

These brothers (or bullies) have the Chargers set up nicely for a deep playoff run, but the team isn’t getting ahead of itself.

“We want to get to the playoffs… we haven’t been there for four or five years,” Dentz said. “We definitely want to tighten up on (defense). We know that’s where the money will be made in the playoffs.“

“My hope is to win now. I want to have fun and hopefully bring back a (championship) banner to the school,” Washington said.

With a few potential playoff runs in this backcourts future, McClintock may want to clear some space in their gym.