ASU’s Simone Staying Connected, Finding New Passions

Jordan Simone’s football career certainly took the road less traveled. A two-school walk-on (Washington State, Arizona State) who battled injury during his time in Tempe and saw his potential NFL career cut short last summer will be back on the sidelines this fall serving as the Sun Devils’ sideline reporter, as well as co-hosting the pre-game show.

“It’s always something I’ve enjoyed,” Simone said to’s Brad Cesmat about his new role with the Sun Devil Sports Network. “I feel good about where I’m at and the closing point of my football career. To be able to transition into a broadcasting position that Derek Hagan previously held. To be put in this roll is a true honor.”

Simone’s Sun Devil playing career was cut short in 2015 when the senior tore his ACL against Washington. After rehabbing the Washington native was given a shot last summer with his home state Seattle Seahawks. However, last pre-season he blew out his ACL again covering a kickoff against the Chargers.

As he transitions from professional player to professional broadcaster Simone is curious to see how the Devils’ first-year head coach fares after an off-season filled with whispers and skepticism about Ray Anderson’s biggest hire to date.

“I’m excited for the direction the program is in,” he explained. “I’ve met with Coach Herm a couple times and he seems like a great guy. It’s going to be one of those things that, let’s see what happens on game day. That is the way a coach is truly judged. I’m excited to watch the team. I know the players love him.”

— Jordan Simone (@JordanSimone38) December 30, 2017

Besides his Saturday duties during the fall Simone is also busy preparing for his next career away from the game he loves.

“I am currently enrolled in Emergency Medical Technical School,” he said. “I’m going to try to get on with the Phoenix Fire Department here this December…I know it’s going to be a tough journey but I’m ready.”

Jordan Simone doesn’t know any other way.