Suns 2018-19 Schedule Announced

After a busy offseason of replacing a coach, taking Deandre Ayton #1 overall and bringing in wing Trevor Ariza, the Suns are one step closer to the 2018-19 season: learning who exactly they are playing.

The NBA released their schedule on Friday afternoon, and there are plenty of interesting stretches in the season. Here are a few that jump out early:

Ayton the Avenger vs Doncic the Unicorn

Many considered Ayton and Luca Doncic as the top two players in this year’s draft. The Suns opted for Ayton, but there were still many who felt the international dominance Doncic showed made him top-pick worthy. After Doncic was taken fifth overall by the Hawks and traded to the Mavericks, NBA fans can waste no time over reacting to these two draft phenoms on night one as the Suns will open their season at home (and on ESPN) against the Mavs.


Suns fans won’t have to wait long to see LeBron James come to Talking Stick Resort Arena, as it will be the second regular season game of the season on October 24th. LeBron and his cast of characters will return to the desert on March 2nd for the second game in Phoenix of the regular season. 

Westworld in Early February

One of the toughest stretches of the season will  be in early February when the Suns play Houston, go to Utah, and host Golden State in a seven-day span. The homecoming of James Harden, Donovan Mitchell against Devin Booker and the defending champs in a week will be quite the stretch.

Here is the full schedule for the season.