Pedro Gomez: Goldschmidt-Cardinals Perfect Pairing

Teams from around Major League Baseball have come into the Valley and started their holiday shopping. Many believe the biggest present from the desert thus far is All-Star Paul Goldschmidt who was traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the St. Louis Cardinals for a trio of players on Wednesday afternoon.

The full overhaul, or rebuild as some may call it, is in full swing and some believe Zack Greinke could be the next to leave.

Many fans and outsiders believe the D-backs didn’t receive enough for “America’s First Baseman.”

“When you trade a superstar away you never, ever get equal value back in return,” ESPN MLB Insider Pedro Gomez said to’s Brad Cesmat Thursday morning. “History has shown us that is not the case.”

Goldschmidt is a quiet, humble, productive old-school player who fits the Cardinals’ Midwest base and rabid fans.

“For a landing spot, St. Louis is almost perfect for a guy like Paul Goldschmidt,” Gomez said. “He is not a flashy, look-at-me-guy.”

Gomez believes the Phillies and Astros were also in play for six-time All-Star. 

So now the focus shifts to Greinke and his hefty contract. Is it only natural to assume the front-line starter is the next to change addresses?

“They would love to, especially now,” Gomez said. “I think Greinke is going to be motivated to get out, as well. He’s sees what’s going on here. He knows this is going to be a very difficult time in 2019 for this club to compete.”

In short, it may be a very long, hot summer on and off the field in the Valley of the Sun.

“It’s definitely a rebuild and it’s one of those things that’s going to be painful for local fans,” he explained. “But sometimes when you’re not a major market there are the things you have to go through.”