Growing Pains…

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Arizona State is in a game of “beat the clock” with the ongoing renovation of Sun Devil Stadium. On Monday, renderings of the final look of the renovation came out on With under 200 days until the 2016 home opener Northern Arizona on September 3rd, crews are working day and night to get this phase of the renovation done. The entire project won’t be finished until 2017.

It’s stunning to see what the new amenities look like in renderings. Having seen the slow decay of the current stadium for the last twenty years, it’s hard to believe that this project has finally gotten off the ground and that there is traction to get the job finished.


The most difficult part of this process is pleasing season ticket holders. I’ve had more than a few upset fans send over notes of frustration and disappointment with the whole process. With the cost of some of the season tickets going up, it’s no surprise that there are unhappy fans. Winning on the field cures a lot of the grumbling.UCIFLUAYYKHNKXZ.20160208204225

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