A Game Unlike Any Other

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(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Story By Jordan Spurgeon

Tonight, I experienced the Territorial Cup first hand while calling the game for Blaze Radio, ASU’s student run station. That 70-7 knockout will be unforgettable for myself, and everyone else who witnessed. While not able to broadcast it in Tucson, the energy was honestly equal, if not more electric through a tv screen in the studio. The word “unprecedented” is a heavily used descriptor in 2020, so at Blaze the rule for broadcasts has been to use it only once. It was difficult to limit the use of that word to one time, with all of the madness that ensued in southern Arizona. 

It started with a bang as D.J. Taylor returned the opening kickoff for a 100 yard touchdown in just under 12 seconds.

That’s merely an afterthought after everything that occurred on the gridiron throughout the course of the next three hours, including some history.

This is the beauty of sports. Anything can happen on a given night. For Sun Devil fans this will be a memory of a lifetime and a topic of conversation between fellow alumni for years to come. And for Wildcats fans this will be a dark stain on a recent downslide for a program that is nearing rock bottom. But as we learned in 2020, those fortunes can turn in a split second, so enjoy or despise it, while also looking towards the future. I know I will.


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