Report-Hornacek “under immediate threat” as Suns Coach

Arizona Sports News online

I dropped in on the WEAREPHX crowd Saturday night against Philadelphia. I figured I should go to a game where the two teams were about even. I was proven right. The Suns were trailing in the first half by as many as 16 to the 1-30 76ers. Now Philadelphia hadn’t won a road game this season (0-18), but that didn’t stop the Suns from playing about as poorly as the visiting team from the City of Brotherly Love. In fact, when the game was over, your hometown heroes LOST to Philly 111-104.

This bit of news came out midday Sunday.

Philadelphia was a joke and embarrassment to the NBA over the last few seasons. Tanking games and stock piling draft picks. Jerry Colangelo showed up on the scene in Philadelphia and suddenly I like the longterm direction of the 76ers more than whats currently going on here in Phoenix.  Sure, the Suns may make it into the postseason this year as a 7 or 8 seed. Then again, they may miss out on the playoffs for a 6th straight season. They are stuck being mediocre. All of this brings us to the future of head coach Jeff Hornacek.

With the team closing in on the mid-point of the 15/16 season, they are a sub-500 team once again. Hornacek has done nothing wrong in my opinion. He’s been given a sub-standard NBA roster and told to “win games”. Owner Robert Sarver hasn’t said anything that I’ve seen or heard when it comes to the poor play of HIS team. When I hear Lon Babby speak, I see Jeff Moorad. A former agent who ran a team(the Diamondbacks) into the ground. Ryan McDonough came here with much praise(I was one of those). But the chaos with the roster is simply hard to understand. The Suns are no closer to being a fringe playoff team at the end of  2015 then they were when McDonough showed up two-and-a-half years ago. The hard truth is Hornacek will likely be the guy on the chopping block if the sleepwalk continues. He’s been twisting in the wind with his expiring contract for the last year. Conversely, 76ers head coach Brett Brown was given a contract extension less than two weeks ago. He will be able to see through the rebuilding under Colangelo. There is no clear vision here in Phoenix. No one can debate that…







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