Adrian Aucoin hopes to return to ice for Game 4

Coyotes defenseman Adrian Aucoin has been sidelined the entire Western Conference finals even though he has participated in every practice with the team since after Game 1.

Aucoin, who has been out since Game 5 of the Nashville series, believes he is healthy enough to play.

“I am ready to go,” Aucoin stated at the Coyotes optional skate on Friday. “I mean I would have played in Game 1 if I could have so it is just the way.”

Ultimately it is up to head coach Dave Tippett if Aucoin is going to get ice time in this series.

“It’s always the coaches decision,” explained Aucoin. “It is always tough to keep any player out, regardless of where they’re at so it always comes down to whether or not the coach thinks you’re able or not.”

Having to be a spectator for every game of the Western Conference Finals to this point, Aucoin mentioned the teams frustration with their play in the series.

“I am hoping to play next game, it has been really frustrating watching,” added Aucoin. “Obviously in the first couple games we didn’t play close to the way we wanted to. The way the bounces have gone and the way other things we can’t control have gone have been pretty frustrating.”

Aucoin will practice again with the team on Saturday and will be re-evaluated by the coaching and training staff to see if the must win game four will be the right time for Aucoin to return to the lineup.

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