Are Cardinals fans willing to wait for Manning?

Payton Manning may wait until late summer before deciding if he can continue playing football, should the Arizona Cardinals jump into the waiting game? 

Indy Columnist Bob Kravitz has been the only media member in the country to speak to Manning on the record. I had Kravitz on my show Thursday and he said Manning may not know if can play for quite some time.

I don’t see how the Cardinals can become a franchise that sits and waits for Manning to make a decision. After all, they have their move that they have to make by March on a roster bonus for Kevin Kolb. 

With the picture becoming more and more clear that Manning is done in Indianapolis it doesn’t mean that the Cardinals should jump right in on Manning…I would do it, only if I have a 100-percent guarantee that he is going to play. Anything less, I think would be a foolish act by the franchise.

Let me be clear, there is no doubt that signing Manning would be an amazing moment, but I don’t believe that the waiting game is the right way to go.

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