Arizona Feels Like Home For Hamilton’s Grayson Stovall

Grayson Stovall, Hamilton

Grayson Stovall, the 6-foot-4 300-pound offensive lineman at Hamilton High School says Arizona feels just like home after one year in the state. 

“I was very thankful I was able to have this opportunity,” Stovall said. “I’m just really blessed to be able to have that junior season which was very important to me and obviously it turned pretty good.” 

Stovall thanked his parents for moving down to Arizona from Colorado ahead of the 2020 football season after concerns that the state of Colorado would not allow high schoolers to play sports due to COVID. 

After one dominating season as a Hamilton Husky, Stovall committed to the University of Arizona, making the desert his home for a few more years. Arizona was an easy choice for Stovall, making the decision based on which school would give him the best opportunity to play football and get a good education. 

“I want to go into Aerospace and U of A has a really good program with that,” Stovall said. 

Stovall raved about the potential the bears have in the coming years but isn’t looking too far ahead since he’s focussing his efforts on his final season of high school football. Stovall has been spending additional time in the weight room in order to prepare for another competitive season with Hamilton. 

“I want to be that beast in the weight room throwing up big numbers,” Stovall said. 

In addition to strength training, the offensive lineman has been working to improve his flexibility and leadership skills. Heading into his senior season he hoped to be a leader on the field and an example to his younger teammates. However, his senior season comes along with some bittersweet emotions. 

“It’s a bit sad that’s going to be it for my high school season,” said Stovall. “My team is looking really good this year and we’re ready to come back and challenge Chandler for that open division or whoever makes it with us.”


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