ASU announces stadium renovation project

slider asu_stadium_rendering_wideviewASU Vice President for University Athletics and Athletics Director Steve Patterson and ASU head football coach Todd Graham have announced the early stages of a renovation project set to revitalize Sun Devil Stadium over the next couple of years. 

Patterson and Graham met with media, fans and staff on Wednesday to share some of the basics of the revitalized stadium in addition to some of the initial renderings of the updated and upgraded stadium, which will remain in its iconic location in between the Buttes in Tempe.

The renderings are not finalized, but the tentative plan would create a shade canopy over the stadium that will allow the passage of natural light and the passage of air into the stadium while also allowing the Sun Devils to play day games earlier in the year to accommodate Pac-12 Network obligations. 

The addition of the shade canopy, in addition to other alterations, will decrease seating to an area between 55,000 and 65,000 seats.   As such, larger seats will be provided with more leg room and the potential of more seats with a seat back. 

The stadium will be updated with a state-of-the-art sound system, video board and scoreboards, and ADA amenities and features. 

slider asu_stadium_renderingThe site development will provide enhanced aesthetic value for the fan experience while also allowing for improved sight lines with decreased capacity and new angles and the mezzanine design allows for future build-out of club seating if necessary.  

The cost of the stadium has not been determined at this time.  There are also two different options available for the build: one that would allow the team and fans to stay in Sun Devil Stadium during construction or another that would move ASU out of the stadium for a season or two that would allow time to complete the project faster.   The stadium can be built in up to five stages, but a timetable has not been establish as yet.

Pac-12 teams have spent over a billion dollars in the last 10 years in building or renovating football stadiums.  The current stadium proposal would provide increased revenues in the long term and also takes recruiting to a new level. 

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