Behind The Data: Cynthia Frelund Weighs In On The Cardinals Offseason

When it comes to looking at data and analyzing trends among teams in the NFL, there aren’t much better than NFL Network Data Science expert Cynthia Frelund. 

Frelund recently joined Jordan Hamm on the Brad Cesmat Show to analyze the Arizona Cardinals offseason and how newly acquired defensive end JJ Watt fits into the Bird Gang’s system. She also opened up about the Cardinals 10 personnel on offense, and what the future holds.

Although the NFC West is still loaded with talent, there is still a lot up in the air at the moment. Pending the quarterback situations in Seattle and San Francisco, Frelund still thinks the Cardinals can be in a good spot moving forward with their roster.

“I think the Cardinals are within striking distance,” Frelund said. “They’ve got a rookie deal for a quarterback, you’re not paying the premium for that position. You have your wide receivers solved. There’s a bunch of wide receivers in the market right now and you could probably find the right piece to compliment Deandre Hopkins without having to overpay.”

As for Watt, Frelund addressed the move and what his versatility will bring to the front seven and the rest of Vance Joseph’s defense. 

“It may be that the JJ Watt deal in terms on dollars and cents, was a little rich,” Frelund said, “but if you have a plan and you execute it early…you really get a chance to create a cohesive strategy. In this offseason where there’s a lot of defensive ends and pass-rushers, there are varying degrees of who do you like and what do you expect them to do? You’re looking to see what you want and you might pay for the JJ Watt to create a system around him. It’s really smart.”

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