‘Bikes for Kids’ event puts smiles on children’s faces

When Brad asked me to cover an event on Saturday that he was MC’ing, of course I said yes because 1.) He’s the boss and 2.) It was a great event that blessed a lot of families. The event was “Bicycles for Kids,” and it was the 29th annual installment.

I got to the church, and the parking lot was absolutely packed! I grabbed my stuff and headed to the back of the church where everything was taking place, and I was amazed at what I saw.

There were little baby chicks for the kids to touch. There were huge slides for the kids to slide down. And the coolest part had to have been the snow drift the kids played on. I had at least three snowballs fly by me! 

It made me flash back to our winters in Maryland, just not as brutal weather!

When I think about it, the coolest thing happened later, when the kids lined up and the big white tent opened up and they saw all those bikes! There was so much screaming and cheering, I thought I was at the Super Bowl or something.

As a father of two, it choked me up to see kids and families from all walks of life just light up when they got their gifts. I know how happy I feel when my sons are happy, so to see these families happy did my heart good.

We see negativity in man all the time. We are bombarded by it on the news everyday, but to see this kind of generosity from one human being to another restores my faith in humanity. 

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