Bills HC Gailey says Kolb’s teammates “respect him” for his toughness

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The Buffalo Bills were steamrolled in their last two games – both losses to the Patriots and 49ers – by a score of 97-31.

What was once a promising 2-1 start to the season has quickly flipped to a demoralizing 2-3 record.

Being 2-3 isn’t bad, but it’s the way the Bills have ended up with that record is what bothers head coach Chan Gailey.

“I think that they [Bills players] are hurt, and if you’re not hurt you’re probably in the wrong business,” Gailey said. “We’re hurt, but we’re not injured.”

“We’re trying to continue to be successful, even though we’ve taken a few hard licks the last couple of weeks,” Gailey said.

Instead of heading back home, then flying back out west, the Bills decided to come directly to Phoenix after the 49ers game and spend their prep week here.

Gailey said it was a bit of a logistical challenge in getting his team here and settled for the week.

“It’s not as easy as if you were at home with everything sitting there perfectly,” Gailey said. “It’s much more of a pain for your video people, your equipment people and your medical people and your coaches than it is for the players.”

Gailey said the trip was mainly planned for his players so they could be as “well rested and on top of their game as they possibly can be.”

Against the Rams, Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb was battered and bruised all night long. He was sacked nine times by St. Louis.

Gailey says there should never be a question of Kolb and his level of toughness.

“Throughout his whole time in the league he’s been a tough guy,” Gailey said. “It’s a testament to him, and I know his teammates respect him for it.”

Gailey saw first hand last Sunday what an NFC West team could do to his team, as San Francisco completely dominated them from start to finish.

Gailey believes that the division is vastly improved compared to what it’s been over the past few years.

“I really do,” Gailey said. “I was able to watch them a little bit on film last year, and it’s really different.”

The Cardinals’ offense and the Bills’ defense are similar in the fact that they’re both ranked 31st in the league in their respective categories.

Gailey said he “can’t worry about the Cardinals.” He says he has to get his team back on track after the two tough losses.

“I think we’ve gotta go play our game, play the way we’re capable of playing, that’s who we need to be,” Gailey said. “If you get too concerned about the other guys, then you lose focus on what you’ve gotta get done to get yourself better as a football team.”

Gailey has watched tape on the Cardinals defense and is impressed by what he’s seen. He knows it’ll be a tough task trying to break through that group on Sunday.

“Boy, they are fast and they play tough,” Gailey said. “I really appreciate watching them play because they play hard every snap.”

“They’ll hit you, they’ll come after you, they do a great job of mixing things up,” Gailey said. “They’ve got a very good balance of speed and quickness and diversity on their side of the football.”

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