Blue Ridge senior Jacob Badger getting it done on, off the field

Since his sophomore year, Jacob Badger has been a starter on the Blue Ridge football.

“Playing for Coach Moro and Blue Ridge is a great opportunity,” said the 6’4″ senior. “Not many kids get the chance to come out – play football and dominate.”

His commitment on the field matches his commitment in the classroom. Badger may be the epitome of student athlete.

“A lot of people don’t see the scholar side of me. They see a big kid,” Badger said. “I think they assume that I am stupid or something.”

“He is actually very, very intelligent,” said head coach Paul Moro. “His math scores are just off the roof.”

Combine his athletic ability with his smarts – and that makes him the perfect recruit for certain universities.

“I am talking to Harvard and Westpoint right now,” Badger said. “Maybe go play some ball for them. Go get a good education. I want to become an engineer.”

Even though he freely admits…”I hate school work.”

Badger understands it is equally important to dedicate his time to both academics and athletics.

“I think sacking someone,” he said. “Just the feeling of competition and smashing someone. That is fun. But the grades are gonna get me some where in life.”

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