Boulder Creek holds on to defeat Mountain Ridge

Boulder Creek and Mountain Ridge are natural rivals, so it tends to make sense that their match-up in the MLK Basketball Classic would play just like any rivalry game would.

Junior forward Josh Braun scored 16 of his team’s 24 points in the first half. He would end up with 24 for the game, as the Jaguars would come out on top of the Mountain Lions 51-47.

Boulder Creek would seek out Braun early and often in the first half, hence the huge disparity in points between him and his teammates. 

They would spread the ball around in the second half, and would lead by nine, 45-36 after three quarters before the exciting fourth quarter finish.

Mountain Ridge would begin to put pressure on Boulder Creek’s offense, as they began to re-establish Braun in the offense. It would work, as Braun would miss four of his six free throws in the quarter, which essentially slowed him down and more importantly, kept him off the scoreboard.

Mountain Ridge would hold Boulder Creek to six points in the final frame, but it wasn’t enough to overtake them in the end.

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