Calais keys: Week 2 @ New England Patriots

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Every Tuesday Cards defensive end Calais Campbell joins Brad Cesmat exclusively on ‘Big Guy on Sports’ on XTRA Sports 910 and

Each week Calais will share his ‘Calais’ Keys’ for the Cardinals next opponent.

Coming off their dramatic season-opening win over the Seahawks, the task gets much tougher this weekend traveling across country to face the defending AFC Champion New England Patriots.

Take Tom Brady out of his comfort zone

“Tom Brady is one of those guys who’s not going to make many mistakes. He’s that guy who takes exactly what you give him. There’s no throw he can’t make so in order to beat him you have to blitz him and make him uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to be out of the pocket. He’s a pocket quarterback so we have to put pressure on him. As good as he is, he’s beatable.”

Must slow down Patriots talented 2nd-year running back Stevan Ridley

“He had a great game last week (21 carries, 125 yards, touchdown vs. Tennessee). I didn’t know much about him until last week. He looked good on film. Anytime you’re with Tom Brady…it should make it easier for any running back. Anytime you game plan him, you don’t want to put a lot of people in the box so you have to stop the run.”

Get acclimated to the early start time coming from the West C

“We always get out there a day early to get accustom to the time zone. It is a little different because your body isn’t used to getting up that early…I can understand why people make it a big deal, but we’re professionals. If we can’t get it done then we don’t belong in the business. That’s something we can”t use an excuse.”


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