Cardinals DE Williams says he’s “98 percent back” from arm injury

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The Cardinals are in their third and final week of OTAs, with mini-camp coming next week.

For defensive end Dan Williams, it’s been a long road back for him ever since he broke his left arm in San Francisco back on Nov. 20, 2011.

But Williams is back, and he says he’s getting back in playing shape thanks to OTAs.

“Things are going well,” Williams said. “Week Three, everything’s going much smoother, everyone knows where we need to be and not making as many mistakes as we were in Week One.”

As far as Williams’ arm goes, he says he has “all the movement and feeling back,” and he says he’s “about 98 percent back.”

Williams says the arm is still “a little sore every now and then,” but that pain hasn’t slowed him down nor kept him from running any drills with his front line guys.

Williams says the coaches are steadily implementing more and more new plays for his teammates and him as OTAs continue on.

“We probably have about five or six new plays each day,” Williams said. “It’s kind of like a cram session during these three weeks.”

Williams sees first hand how OTAs have benefited the team, especially considering they had none last season because of the lockout.

“It definitely does help, because we can communicate more, and come up with terms we can use during the season,” Williams said.

This is a crucial season for Williams, as his coaches, teammates and fans will all be on the lookout to see if he can bounce back and be the Dan Williams they all know he is capable of being.

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