College Basketball With No Fans – Where’s The Energy?

Arizona Sports News online

Story By Jordan Spurgeon


College basketball without fans is… different to say the least. This holds true at Desert Financial Arena, home of ASU basketball. There are cardboard cutouts of fans, a curtain of distraction, and the music is still blaring, but the atmosphere lacks natural energy. 

While the lack of fans is no excuse, it could partially explain the issues the Sun Devils had against No. 24 San Diego State on Thursday night. The team couldn’t muster its own energy. Even Remy Martin looked flat, which Bobby Hurley believes attributed to the poor showing against the Aztecs.

There are lots of questions surrounding college basketball this year due to COVID, but one question that hasn’t been asked is, how do college players and teams generate their own “extra” energy that is normally provided by playing in front of a packed arena filled to the brim with college students, alum, and other members of the community? ASU and colleges around the nation will have to explore that answer and more as the season progresses.

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