Education lost in business of college recruiting

In this whole recruiting game, I think many people have lost track of what the real focus is…it is to get a kid’s education paid for!

It is not to play on ESPN, not to play in front of 100,000 people or see who has the best shoe contract and uniforms. Sure, that stuff is cool and can make your college experience a little more fun and enjoyable. But along the way kids, and what is most concerning to me, and parents have lost sight that getting a quality education needs to be of utmost importance.

I had one parent tell me that they didn’t want their kid to play at an Ivy League school because that “would be too much studying and would mess up his football.” Are you kidding me?!!!

When I do evaluations of players, I think most parents unrealistically think their son can play at the major college level. In reality, there are roughly 30 players each year in Arizona’s high school ranks that are major college prospects. There are another 50-60 that are mid-major to FCS level prospects. There are even more division-two, three, NAIA and junior college prospects.

I often get criticized by kids and parents alike when I do an evaluation and call a player a D2 prospect or even a mid-major prospect. In my opinion, it is a compliment to even be called a college prospect at all and to have a chance to continue your playing career, doing something you love and all the while getting your education paid for.

Look at any high school roster from the past few years. There are roughly 10-20 seniors on it, maybe more. Then take a look at how many kids have moved on to play at the college level. Typically the number is very low. It is an honor to be able to lace up your cleats and play in college at ANY level.

So in writing this, I am hoping that some people will remember that student is the first part in “student-athlete”.

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