Eyes on Tuesday’s AIA Special Board Meeting

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Last Friday Winter high school sports were canceled. Tomorrow, an about-face may happen. 

No support from the member schools and public pressure has pushed the AIA into holding a special Executive Board meeting on Tuesday. The winter season was pushed back twice before being canceled three days ago. 

Canvassing those whose opinions and observations  I respect in the local high school space, they wouldn’t be surprised if the school districts end up making the decision to play regardless of what the AIA does, or says tomorrow.  There’s a belief that AIA Executive Director David Hines and Board President Toni Corona will vote tomorrow. My understanding is Chandler Unified, Mesa Public, and Gilbert Public would almost certainly play if it’s left up to each district. 

One longtime respected high school observer summed up what I’ve heard from many during the pandemic, dating all that way back to last spring about the AIA. “They need to fully understand they work for the member schools, and be progressive with national trends pertaining to changes within sports”.





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