Fairfax size too much for Flowing Wells

Betty Fairfax didn’t waste anytime in the tournament finale jumping out to a 20-point lead at half over visiting Flowing Wells from Tucson.

You would think they would have let off on the throttle coming out of the break, but that wasn’t to be, as they put a major “stampede” on them, living up to their nickname. Senior forward/center Stacy Davis had 22 points in the first half, as Fairfax rolled to a 71-33 victory in the opening round of the tournament.

It got so bad in the second half, that Flowing Wells head coach Daron Cross, who stood for the entire first half, sat nearly the entire second. Wells was up and demonstrative toward his players early, but changed his tone when he knew it was way out of hand.

When I say out of hand, here’s an example. The Stampede led by well over 40 points in the third quarter. Davis looked liked a man among youth when he was on the court, which is why he sat the entire fourth quarter, because he had done his job and was no longer needed.

Comparing the teams from a visual standpoint, the size differential really stuck out. Fairfax had a much bigger lineup than Flowing Wells, and that size and combination of speed was something they couldn’t handle. Flowing Wells got into foul trouble early and continued to be out-manned through the buzzer.

The Stampede face Goldwater, Thursday at 8 p.m. 

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