‘Hail Murray,’ Brock Huard FOX Sports CFB/NFL Analyst, Chris Karpman SunDevilSource.com

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From Novemeber 16. Brad reacts to the DeAndre Hopkins miracle catch on a ‘Hail Murray.’ Was this play better than the D.K Metcalf chasedown of Budda Baker a few weeks ago? FOX Sports CFB/NFL Analyst Brock Huard (10:29 on podcast) was blown away by Hopkins. He also explains why the Seahawks have lost three of its last four games. Brad gave his thoughts on March Madness being hosted by Indianapolis as a single-city tournament. Chrish Karpman from SunDevilSource.com (24:45 on podcast) joined Brad to discuss ASU football, COVID concerns, and the rest of the season. 

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