Is there an ideal Steve Nash trade for the Suns?

The Phoenix Suns are six games into their 2011-12 season and the Steve Nash trade talks are right back into full swing. 

After a 2-4 start, the team has looked their age and for the first time in what seems like decades, are one of the worst teams offensively in the Western Conference.

Now if you talk to the Big Guy, Brad Cesmat, he will tell you that the Suns should have traded Nash three years ago. Up until last season, I have been on the side that has said unless there is an ideal trade scenario, hold onto the face of your franchise and try to build around him.

But let me let me re-iterate, that was up until LAST season. Now just six games into THIS season, the Suns seem further from a playoff team, and further from an even trade then ever.

The question that no one has the right answer to is, what is the ideal trade scenario for Steve Nash? 

Phoenix would obviously like to trade Nash to a contender if they can. But is that ideal? 

If they do that, they most likely get two or three young unproven players or expiring contracts and a late first round draft pick. 

The late first round draft pick is actually the worst part of that trade scenario. 

In my opinion, the most productive non-lottery draft picks (not including the 2011 draft because that remains to be seen) in five years have been Landry Fields (39th overall, 2010), Ty Lawson (18th overall, 2009), Roy Hibbert (17th overall, 2008), Serge Ibaka (24th overall, 2008), Marc Gasol (48th Overall, 2007) and the dagger, Rajon Rondo (21st overall, 2006 by the Suns).

Rondo is the only All-Star caliber player in the last five years that was taken outside the lottery. And people think that getting a first round pick from a contender is the way to go? Absolutely not ideal if you asked me.

Phoenix Suns fans have to face the inevitable. The Steve Nash era is ending and there is not likely a scenario that involves a trade in which the Suns end up better as a result.

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