Kolb ready for QB competition as off-season workouts begin

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The Cardinals started Phase I of their off-season strength and conditioning program on Monday, and it was very well attended. Almost 60 players took part in the two workout sessions that took place.

If you recall, a good majority of last year’s offseason program was wiped out due to the lockout, but with a full offseason calendar at their disposal, the Cardinals should be all the better for it.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb was without a doubt the biggest media draw on Monday, not only to see how he bounced back from an injury filled 2011 season, but also to get his thoughts on the team’s pursuit of quarterback Peyton Manning, who eventually chose the Denver Broncos over the Cardinals and several other teams.

“In my mind, it’s their right to go look wherever they need to look,” Kolb said. “I look forward to the future and winning a lot of football games.”

Kolb did point out that there were “a few things that maybe could’ve been handled a little bit different,” meaning some communication issues between him and head coach Ken Whisenhunt, which Kolb said has been ironed out.

Kolb knows he’s in a dogfight for the starting position with fellow quarterback John Skelton, but he said he will take the Manning situation and use it as an extra motivator for the upcoming season.

“Sure, that’ll add some sort of spark,” Kolb said. “I’m fighting for my job anyway, John and I are competing.”

“They [Cardinals] made some big moves to get me here, and it’s my responsibility to hold up my end of the deal.”

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