Kolb says confident is the only way he plays the game

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I’ve been around Kevin Kolb in practices and in the locker room, and he is as even keel a guy as you’ll run into in life.

A few days after finding out that John Skelton would be leading the Cardinals at quarterback, and not him, Kolb seemed to be his normal, calm self (what he did behind closed doors is a different matter that we’ll never see or know), and said he’s going to continue to grind and fight for this team.

Little did he know a few days later he would re-inherit his starting job, via injury, as Skelton went down in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks with an ankle injury.

Kolb would run the two-minute offense to near perfection, as he led his team to the game winning score, and a 1-0 record.

Kolb thinks he may have turned the corner with his short, yet impressive, performance.

“I hope so,” Kolb said. “You gotta build on confidence and that’s the only way to play the game. I try to take the positive out of everything that I’m doing, and that the offense is doing and that the team is doing.”

Kolb comes across as a very confident man, who believes in himself and his abilities, even if a section of Cardinals fans don’t, as evidenced by the smattering of boos in the stadium when he took the field.

“You can’t get too high or too low in this game, and at this level,” Kolb said. “Everybody wants to pat you on the back after something like last night, and everybody wants to kick you when you’re down.”

Kolb says he will continue to show his critics wrong by working hard with his teammates, and get prepared to play the best he can against the New England Patriots, should he get the start if Skelton isn’t ready.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt also believes that Kolb may have hit a turning point after Sunday, and expects more from him as time moves on.

“Maybe it’s trending in the right direction for him,” Whisenhunt said. “That was a real test, because he was disappointed about the way things came out, but he was prepared, he was ready and he played well.”


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