Kolb says he’s sore, but he has to “roll with the punches”

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The Cardinals pulled out another hard fought, emotional win over the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday to run their record to 4-0.

Winning in the NFL is hard. It takes a lot out of the coaches and the players, both physically and mentally.

The scheduling gods can be cruel, and they’re being that way this week toward the Cardinals, as they have to turn around four days later after a victory, travel to St. Louis, Mo., and take on the Rams on Thursday Night Football.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt knows that a week like this is just a part of the job.

“It’s tough, there’s no question,” Whisenhunt said. “There’s no doubt about it being a tough week. You’ve really got to work hard on the mental aspect of it and just hope you recover enough physically that you’re ready to go.”

Speaking of being physically ready, Whisenhunt says defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, tight end Todd Heap and running back LaRod Stephens-Howling are “all making progress,” and they’re 100 percent there mentally.

Whisenhunt says due to the low intensity nature of the practices this week, the three haven’t been able to do much from a physical standpoint.

Whisenhunt says they’ll be tested out before the game, and if they’re not ready to go, then they won’t suit up.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb was roughed up by the Dolphins defense. He was sacked eight times, including 4.5 times by Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake.

Kolb says he’s still feeling the effects of being banged around, but he’s ready to go regardless.

“I’m still sore today, but the key is to be ready by Thursday night,” Kolb said. “I’m not sure it’s the best thing for our body, but again it’s something that we’ll deal with and roll with the punches.”

Kolb knows the Rams defense will not be hospitable on Thursday night.

“They run around, they’re fast, they’re aggressive,” Kolb said. “They have an attitude and that’s a good way to play defense.”

“It’s our job on offense to counter that and make sure that we’re really good and detailed in what we do,” Kolb said. “If we’re on with our assignments, then we’ll be fine.”

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