Ky Westbrook puts a cap on one of most remarkable careers ever in AZ

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You come across people in your life that you just know are destined for great things. They have a presence about them that people are drawn too that exceeds whether or not they are just good at one thing in particular.

Insert Chandler senior track and field star Ky Westbrook. On Saturday at the Arizona Track and Field Championships, Westbrook did what she has done for four consecutive years, she won. She took away first place in the 100 meter hurdles (14.17), 100 meter dash (11.69), the shot put (45-07) and the 200 meter dash (24.33).

“It’s amazing, I am really glad today ended the way it did,” Westbrook said after completing her day on Saturday. “I put everything I had into it knowing it was my last high school meet and it was a terrific day.”

For those keeping track, over the last four years she is a four-time state champion in the 100 and 200 meters, and two-time champion in the shot put. This year was her first year competing in the 100 meter hurdles and added a state title in that on her first try as a senior.

“Actually at the start of my race, I was looking into the crowd, was looking at all of those faces and started to get emotional because it is my last meet,” she mentioned. “And I am going to miss my whole team and everything so it is emotional for me.”

That quote in a nutshell could sum up Westbrook’s amazing legacy more so than the incredible accolades and first place finishes. With a person as dominant as she is in an individual sport, you will never find someone who is more about the team. Westbrook is always there for a hug for a fellow teammate, always there for a pat on the back and very often you find her mentioning her team and friends she competed and trained with as a source for her success.

On the podium on Saturday after winning the 100 meters for the fourth consecutive year, she grabbed the hand of her teammate, fellow senior Tope Williams, and held it up in front of the packed Mesa Community College bleachers as if to say, we did it. There is a humble and appreciative demeanor about Westbrook that can’t be taught or even faked. Which is why those who train with her, compete against her and have the privilege of watching her are so drawn to the incredible person and athlete that she is.

Westbrook is just scratching the surface of what she is capable of as she prepares for the next level of competition at USC starting next year. It is a scary thought if the best is yet to come after being one of the most decorated track athletes we have ever seen in Arizona history.

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