NFL facing ugly lawsuit from ex-players, Cavs win NBA draft lottery, Suns chasing Kevin Love

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A collection of former players are slapping a lawsuit on the NFL over illegal narcotics and painkillers which eventually led to addiction. Brad believes this is a slippery slope and just another mess to clean up for Commissioner Roger Goodell. The NBA draft was Tuesday night and former executive Dave Griffin is a happy man as the now Cleveland Cavs GM lands the first pick and immediately says he will be open to trading it if the right offer presented itself. Valley-based NFL agent Eric Metz (26:36 on podcast) talked about his draft night chat with Johnny Manziel at Radio City Music Hall, the Cards looking to extend Carson Palmer’s contract and the possible long-term ramifications of the illegal narcotics lawsuit. One of the outspoken players involved in the lawsuit, former ASU  star and NFL Pro-Bowler J.D. Hill (53:14 on podcast) talked about the reason for the suit and how players have been struggling with addition for years.

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