Nicco Marchiol Previews Rivalry Game, Updates Recruitment

Hamilton quarterback Nicco Marchiol knew there would be a lot of passing yards when the Huskies matched up against the Higley Knights.

The Hamilton slinger and Higley quarterback, and Cal commit, Kai Millner worked out in the offseason together with specialty coach Mike Giovando. 

What resulted was a 42-36 Hamilton win that had plenty of big plays and trips to the end zone. 

Marchiol completed 75% of his passes and connected on two touchodwns. He also added 113 rushing yards. Millner logged over 400 total yards and five touchdowns. 

It was truly the quarterback showdown fans were hoping for going into this game.

Now, the undefeated Huskies set their sights on the rival Chandler Wolves, who sit at No. 4 in the nation. While this is Marchiol’s first year in the rivalry, he’s well aware what this matchup means to the state and is anticipating slugfest. 

On this edition of the Recruiting Roundup, Marchiol desribes what it’s like going head-to-head with Millner, previews the big rivalry matchup next week and gives an update on his very busy recruitment.

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