Peter King Addresses Pros And Cons Of Cardinals Offseason

Story by Maddyn Johnstone-Thomas

It’s no secret that the Arizona Cardinals have been making some exciting moves this offseason. From JJ Watt to AJ Green and just this past week, James Conner. Fans in the Valley are excited and looking forward to what these new guys will bring. 

Peter King of “Football Morning in America” joined the Brad Cesmat Show to analyze these recent moves yesterday, and shared his pros and cons of the players. King wasn’t hesitant to acknowledged his doubts about the new additions too, stating that the ‘training staff could be the MVP’ of the team this season. 

“Free agency with veteran players who have had significant injury issues is usually not a formula for success,” King said. “I happen to think that JJ Watt could have a couple of good years left, but that’s a could. Nobody knows.”

King felt that AJ Green hasn’t appeared to be interested in football during the past couple years, so if Green still has that love and passion for the game, now is the time to show it. 

As for Conner, King worries about his ability to stay consistently healthy throughout the season. At the end of March, the Cardinals and quarterback Colt McCoy also signed a one-year deal, which is something that King sees as a positive for a backup to Kyler Murray.

“If I were the Giants, I would’ve wanted to keep him,” King said. “I think that’s a very good backup. The other thing about him when it comes to being a backup to Kyler Murray, he’s going to be incredibly supportive.”

Aside from free agency, the NFL Draft is right around the corner, giving the Cardinals another opportunity to pick up some additional talent. King believes that Clemson’s Trevor Lawerence is going first, followed by BYU’s Zach Wilson. 

There’s still some uncertainty surrounding what will happen a few picks in. 

“I’m glad there is some mystery,” King said. “I have no idea what Atlanta is going to do…The Atlanta Falcons have to decide if they think Matt Ryan can take them deep into the playoffs or to the Super Bowl…If you ask for my gut feeling, my gut feeling is that they sit right there and take Kyle Pitts, the tight end from Florida.”

King elaborated about what the Cardinals would have to do if they wanted to try and grab the highly-talented tight end out of Florida. 

“If I’m Steve Keim and I wanted Kyle Pitts, I’m probably going to have to trade to four and I’m probably going to have to give up my next two ones to get that and I don’t even know if Atlanta would take it,” King said. 

We will wait and see what moves happen over the next couple of weeks. The draft is set for April 29 to May 1. 


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