Peter King’s Thoughts on JJ Watt

Peter King of the “Football Morning in America” column joined Brad Cesmat yesterday to chat about the new addition to the Arizona Cardinals. 

JJ Watt broke the sports internet yesterday sporting an Arizona Cardinals shirt to announce his decision to join the team. King’s initial thought – “Surprised.”

“Not that I think he’s a bad fit in the valley but my feeling is that there were other teams that were closer than the Cardinals,” said King. 

By closer, he was referring to closer to a Super Bowl win. 

“If he wanted the best chance to win the Super Bowl this year he would probably go take less money at a place like Green Bay or Buffalo,” King said.

JJ’s signing likely came as a surprise to sports fans because he has been silent since his release. 

“I have to feel this was a balance between playing for a winning team and not taking a huge dip on his contract,” said King. 

Now the question is – how productive can JJ be for the Cardinals?

“I won’t be remotely surprised if he has two good years left,” said King. 

King pointed out that Watt has played 30 of the last 48 games, is a high-quality inside rusher and tallied 25 sacks. However, in the last five years, he has only played two full seasons. King believes Watt is a great addition to their front seven. 

Unfortunately for Watt, he’s missed his fair share of games due to injuries. 

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