Powell says Cardinals run game can be “lethal”

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If all the cogs stay in one piece this season, the Cardinals running game should be a formidable one.

Ryan Williams brought excitement to the Valley last season when the Cardinals drafted him.

Excitement because the team and Cardinals fans were hoping to see Williams explode on the field like he did in 2009 as a Virginia Tech Hokie, when he rushed for 1,655 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the case, as Williams suffered a major knee injury against the Packers in the preseason, effectively wiping out his rookie season.

Fortunately, the human body is an amazing thing in how it can heal itself, and Williams is back from that injury and is ready to roll for the Cardinals starting this Sunday afternoon against the Seahawks at University of Phoenix Stadium.

“I’ve been waiting for a year and I’m excited,” Williams said. “It feels good to finally be back and be able to do what I love.”

Williams says he has added incentive to play well this weekend at home, because he’s going up against his close friend, Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor.

“It’ll be fun this weekend,” Williams said.

If you’ve had a chance to see Williams in training camp, or in some of the preseason games, or even tape from him at Virginia Tech, you know he is a very energetic guy when he’s out on the field.

Williams says to expect more of that on Sunday and all throughout the season.

“I’m excited all throughout the game,” Williams said. “I just love playing football, so whenever I get a chance, I’m always excited.”

Chris “Beanie” Wells is also bouncing back from offseason knee surgery, and has looked much stronger as his reps have increased in training camp and in the two preseason games he played in.

“I definitely feel like I got enough work, but the work is still going,” Wells said. “I don’t think it stops at any point and time, I think I still continue to get a lot better and a lot stronger and that’s what I’m doing.”

William Powell was in a battle with Alfonso Smith for the fourth running back spot on the team, eventually beating him out.

Powell thinks the running game has the potential to hurt a lot of defenses this season, on it’s versatility alone.

“Our running game has the potential to be something lethal,” Powell said. “Each of our running backs are so good at what they do, Beanie, he’s so good and so powerful, Ryan, he’s so elusive and shifty, just like LaRod.”

“If we get good push up front, with the backs we have, then we’ll be able to do a lot of damage.”


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