Quick Hits on Who Could be Next in Tucson

A couple of quick hits while on a plane change…

Adia Barnes has the University of Arizona basketball base buzzing. Sean Miller was 2019 news. 

In the business of “What have you done for me lately?”, the Wildcats showed Miller the door on Wednesday. Anyone surprised or against the move has been asleep at the switch or has red and blue colored glasses. I know of no one who supports the program with their dollars in season tickets which were against the change. The only surprise I heard was, “Why did it take so long?” 

The women’s program has become the darling of the Wildcat supporters in my circles. A national title game run with an embraceable group of players will tend to do that. Miller, on the other hand, tried the one-and-done route with no success of sniffing a title. That’s not a shot; it’s a fact…

While names like Terry, Stoudemire, Pastner, Walton, Simon are flying around from the fan base, what about looking outside of the Arizona tree? Gonzaga’s longtime assistant Tommy Lloyd was put on my radar earlier today by a couple of people who would know. Randy Bennett at St. Mary’s is another name too. 

Let’s face it: Steve Kerr would be the dream hire. Perhaps he’s the dream facilitator for the next coach. His blessing on the hire will carry big weight. 

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