Ramping Up For The Football Weekend, UCLA Football Eats Well, NBCSports.com Senior NFL Columnist Peter King, ASU Legend Jake Plummer

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Wednesday marked the first time in months there was no mainstream live sporting event on television to consume. Eric is hoping Roger Goodell schedules one this Tuesday night. Brad loved the story in the LA Times about Chip Kelly’s ridiculous team meal budget at UCLA and why in the middle of a pandemic where the athletic program is bleeding money, this makes absolutely no sense. Brad Zoomed in with the great Peter King (20:49 on podcast) who talked about the Cardinals incredible SNF win over Seattle, COVID testing in the NFL and the chances of Trevor Lawrence saying no the New York Jets if they have the number one pick and returning to Clemson for his senior season. Plus, ASU legend Jake Plummer (33:40 on podcast) on life in and away from football and why he feels he’s not living up to the late, great Pat Tillman’s expectations.

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