Recap of some great games in Week 8

Recap of Week 8 Games:

Brophy 63 over St. Mary’s 0

Liberty 43 “ Desert Edge 42

Fairfax 35 “ Chavez 25

Deer Valley 41 (OT) “ Apollo 34

Pinnacle 42 “ Boulder Creek 17

Perry 56 “ Basha 38

• Here we go, it is evident that the mass exodus from St. Mary’s football program has taken its toll – Brophy 63-0 over the Knights. Over twenty players from last year’s team are playing somewhere else this season.
• I had the opportunity to watch the Liberty at Desert Edge game on Friday, and it was a heck of a game. Liberty won 43-42, after going for a two point conversion and pulling it off successfully in the final moments of the game. There is an old saying, “it’s a shame anyone had to lose this game,” this was one of those games. I have been on both sidelines, at Liberty it is unrestrained joy and on the Desert Edge sideline it just hurts. These two schools are developing a great rivalry and both deserve to be in the playoffs.

• The Battle for Baseline Road turned out to be a battle, Fairfax won the first meeting between the two varsities 35-25, proving again that Power Points don’t always tell the whole story.

• To one of the building stories of this season, the Deer Valley Sky Hawks: 41- 34 OT winners over Apollo. This is back to back big wins for DV, who defeated Centennial last week. Some years, there are teams that are “Teams of Destiny” and DV just maybe that team this year. Those are tough teams to compete against, they just seem to find ways to win. Deer Valley’s only lead of the night was in the OT – when it counts.

• Pinnacle is a 42-17 winner over Boulder Creek, Pinnacle just keeps winning. Pinnacle is a working man’s undefeated team, they just show up week in and week out and win. The late Al Davis would be proud of them.

• One other game that I would like to mention is the Perry victory over Basha: 56- 38. This is a huge win for Coach Jones, his players and staff. I have an idea how competitive the East Valley is and how tough it is in the City of Chandler. I was one of the ‘so-called experts’ who picked Basha to beat them. Shows you what I know, just ask my wife – not very much!

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